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TV Drinking Games
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A-Team - Monte's Drinking Game
Drinks are of course taken whenever Mr. T says "fool" or "sucka" as well as whenever the van makes an appearance.
Antiques Roadshow - Drinking Game
Instructions to this drinking game include such rules as taking a drink whenever someone bursts into tears.
Babylon 5 - Tipple and Geek Drinking Game
Rules for this drinking game centered around "Babylon 5" include instructions for the beginning player and major fans of the show.
Batman - Webtender Drinking Game
Play BatBeer while watching either one of the movies, or the TV show or cartoon. If any character says "bat" anything, take a drink.
Battlestar Galactica - Picking Nits in the Fleet
Contains instructions and rules for the drinking game, which is based on the short-lived ABC science-fiction series.
Beast Wars - Drinking Game
Actions of all the show's characters warrant either a sip or a chug in this drinking game centered around the "Beast Wars" cartoon.
Behind the Music - Drinking Game
Game can be played while watching either "Behind the Music" or "Legends" on cable channel VH1.
Bill Nye, the Science Guy - Drinking Game
Whenever the "Check it Out!" or "Try This" segments come on, take one drink. If Bill blows something up, take two drinks.
Bob Newhart Show - Real Beer Page Drinking Game
Learn how to play the classic drinking game "Hi Bob," a game that can be played while watching either "Newhart" or "The Bob Newhart Show."
Cheers - Beers for Cheers
Game asks participants to drink to Norm's interactions with beer while watching reruns of the legendary sitcom.
Chicago Hope - Drinking Game
Print out a copy of this long list of rules, grab a beverage, turn on "Chicago Hope" and play this drinking game.
Columbo - Drinking Game
Creator of this "Columbo" drinking game requests that anyone who actually plays it send him an email letting him know.
Dawson's Creek - Drinking Game
Rules to this "Dawson's Creek" drinking game apply to teenage viewers, therefore requiring nonalcoholic drinks.
Dharma and Greg - Instant Dharma Drinking Game
Simple "Dharma and Greg" drinking game features a limited amount of rules and only requires a drink and a television.
Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman - The Drinking Game
Players of this game must choose a character and take a drink whenever that character says or does one of the things on the list.
Due South - Drinking Game
Plenty of opportunities arise to take a drink during this "Due South" drinking game, as there are over 100 rules.
Emeril! Live - Drinking Game
Take a drink whenever the chef uses parsley, says "Bam!" or takes a sip from his own alcoholic beverage.
ER - Drinking Game
If Greene doesn't wear scrubs take two drinks, and take one drink if a scene from St. Elsewhere is "reprised."
ESPN Sports Center - Drinking Game
Drinking depends on the actions of various anchors on this sports news show. Includes links to other drinking games.
Felicity - Drinking Game
Viewers of the TV show "Felicity" are given ample opportunities to take a drink if they follow all the rules of this drinking game.
Frasier - Drinking Game
Take one drink when Frasier or Niles makes a snide comment about Roz's love life, and take two when any character from "Cheers" comes to visit.
General Hospital - Drinking Game
Read this amusing, illustrated collection of instructions on how to play the "General Hospital" drinking game.
Golden Girls - Drinking Game
Take one drink if the "girls" eat cheesecake, take three drinks if Dorothy has a date, and pound if someone gets married.
Hawaii Five-O - Drinking Game, Sirah Style
Basic rules of this game require players to take a drink whenever someone says "McGarrett." Other rules are also detailed.
Homicide - The Land of Schlock Drinking Game
Rules of this "Homicide" drinking game are centered around the actions of the show's various characters.
Incredible Hulk - Drinking Game
Rules of the game depend on both the actions of the screen's Hulk and the reactions of the person watching the show.
Jenny Jones - Drinking Game
If Jenny mentions her breast implants, take a drink, and if the show features complete makeovers, take another one.
Jerry Springer - Drinking Game
Take a sip of a favorite drink whenever there is a fight, Jerry makes a stupid joke, or something has to be bleeped out.
Jerry Springer Drinking Game - Webtender
More than four people are needed for this game, with a shot glass and quarter for each. Whenever a guest comes out with a prop, take a drink.
Kids in the Hall - Drinking Game
Opportunities to take a drink are presented whenever the show's various cast members perform some of their trademark schtick.
Lost in Space - Drinking Game
Dr. Smith's numerous nonsensical alliterated utterances are the perfect opportunity to down a drink in this "Lost in Space" game.
M*A*S*H - Real Beer Page Drinking Game
Rules to this "MASH" drinking game are short and simple, and if followed very closely may result in a personal visit to a surgical unit.
M.M. Power Rangers - Drinking Game
Playing this drinking game will almost guarantee a morphing of another kind, if all the rules are followed closely.
Melrose Place - Drinking Game
Game can be played during the never-ending syndicated reruns of the cancelled show. Choose a character and grab a drink.
Monty Python and The Holy Grail - Holy Drinking Game
Following the instructions to this drinking game won't detract from the fun on the screen, as there are only 11 rules.
Moonlighting - Drinking Game
Drinking game centered around the Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd TV show provides ample opportunity to take a drink.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 - Drinking Game
Any nontoxic liquid can be imbibed while playing this game, including Killer Shrews. Have a drink whenever the Magic Voice speaks.
New Yankee Workshop - Drinking Game
All drinking in this game centers around the actions and words of the show's host, Norm Abram. Chug a drink if he mentions the word "laser."
NewsRadio - Drinking Game
Writer of this game provides an penultimate rule that players should drink everything in sight if NBC decides to bring the show back to TV.
Northern Exposure - Drinking Game
Rules to this game are centered around the actions of Maggie and Joel, although the show's other wacky characters also play their parts.
NYPD Blue - Drinking Game
Author of this game provides an introduction to the concept of drinking games, and then spells out the rules of this incarnation.
Profiler - Drinking Game
As this drinking game was created during the show's first season, some of the rules would have to be changed if watching subsequent seasons.
Quantum Leap - Drinking Game
Track down a station airing reruns of the science fiction show, pour a few drinks and play the "Official Quantum Leap Drinking Game."
Quincy - Drinking Game
Quincy is the man of the hour where this game is concerned, as all drinking is centered on his actions and words.
Real World - Drinking Game
Fan of the show's third installment supplies the rules for this game. Participants should choose a favorite character and drink accordingly.
Red Dwarf - Drinking Game
Get tipsy with your buddies while you laugh yourselves silly over "Red Dwarf." Learn how many drinks to take when Cat's nostril hairs vibrate.
Rosie O'Donnell Show - Drinking Game
Drink whenever Rosie says "cutie patootie," "my Tommy," obsesses over anything or anyone, kisses or disses a guest, or eats on the air.
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Webtender
Watch this Christmas classic closely. Every time Rudolph's nose lights up, take a drink.
Sailor Moon - Jellyn's Drinking Game
Learning all the rules to this "Sailor Moon" drinking game may take a while, as there are over 60 of them.
Scooby-Doo - Unofficial Scooby Doo Drinking Game
Play a drinking game based on the beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon and its five mystery-solving characters.
Sentinel, The - Shelagh's Drinking Game
Actions and words by the characters of "The Sentinel" warrant either sips, drinks or chugs when playing this drinking game.
She-Ra - Drinking Game
Doesn't take a "He-Man" to play this "She-Ra" drinking game, although it might take one to win it.
Silk Stalkings - Classic Drinking Game
Creator of this games suggests playing while watching videotapes of the show, so that all of the game's cues won't be missed.
Simpsons - Webtender
Participants should have one sip of the cheapest beer available anytime Homer eats donuts, Lisa mentions humanity, or Bart makes a crank call.
Simpsons Drinking Game
Take a drink anytime Homer says "D'oh," which is frequently, and do the same whenever a real-life celebrity is impersonated.
Simpsons, The - Drinking Game, A
Virtually every character on the show plays a part in the rules of this drinking game, although Bart's actions yield the most drinking.
South Park - Five Player Drinking Game
Playing this games requires that cards be created for five players. Find the rules to be printed on the cards and further instructions here.
South Park - Jerald's SP Beer Game
Drinks are taken every time the characters say the game's designated lines, and drinks are to be chugged when Kenny dies.
Space Ghost - Drinking Game
Instructions on how to play this "Space Ghost" drinking game are clearly presented at this tribute to the cartoon show.
Space: 1999 - Drinking Game
Playing the "Space: 1999" drinking game might be easier if the rules are printed out, and if reruns of the show can be found on TV.
Star Trek - Beer Trek
Beer Trek offers rules to drinking games for all of the shows in the "Star Trek" universe. Submissions of new rules are accepted.
Star Trek - Drinking Game
Take a drink whenever Bones says, "He's dead, Jim," whenever Kirk gets the girl, Spock shows emotion, or Sulu sets the course.
Star Trek - Original Series
Rules to this game only apply when watching the original television series "Star Trek." Be sure to chug whenever Lt. Leslie speaks.
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 - Webtender
Play this game with friends, and before the show starts, everyone picks a character. Take a drink whenever the station is shown from outside.
Star Trek: The Next Generation - Webtender
Refer to the game's requirements before starting, and take a drink whenever one of the listed quotes is uttered, scenes played, or Picard drinks.
This Old House - Drinking Game
Read rules to two versions of a "This Old House" drinking game. Both versions require booze and a TV.
This Old House - Original This Old Souse Drinking Game
Instructions to this drinking game are loaded with links relating to the show and its creators as well as to variations on the game.
Three's Company - Drinking Game
Directions to this "Three's Company" drinking game include a small collection of sound files from the show.
Transformers - Drinking Game, The
Participating in this drinking game promises players an evening filled with transformations.
TV News Drinking Game
Television news will be even more unbelievable than it already is when participants finish guzzling to the rules of this game.
Twin Peaks - Unofficial Drinking Game
Travel through the mind of David Lynch with a beer in hand to play a drinking game based on situations from his cult television show.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - Drinking Game
Take a voyage to the bottom of a pint glass by playing this game that relies on the show's numerous cliched lines and occurrences.
X-Files Drinking Game - Webtender
Take one sip every time Mulder utters a "Mulderism," Mulder or Scully smile, or either character is called by their first name.
X-Files, The - Drinking Game
Take a paranoid, alcohol-fueled journey with Scully and Mulder in a drinking game based on Chris Carter's science-fiction television series.
X-Files, The - Drinking Game
Creator of this "X-Files" drinking game insists that participants not use alcoholic drinks while playing.
X-Files, The - Jaguar's Drinking Game
Jaguar provides the rules to his classic "X-Files" drinking game as well as those to a new and improved version.
Xena and Hercules - Artemis' Official Drinking Game
Sip, drink or chug along to the profiled happenings listed in this game, which is based on the two popular television series.
Young Ones, The - Drinking Game
Rules apply to the general shenanigans of the show's characters. Players can also choose a single character to follow.

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